My Trip to Mijwan Village yr 2009

Yesterday I boarded the train with Shabana Azmi .I did not realize it was an historic moment…History was being made.! Shabana Azmi was traveling on Kaifiyat Express …the train dedicated to her famous father..Kaifi Azmi..for the FIRST time ,after its inauguration 3 yrs ago.. This train was one was her fathers DREAM !. he had single hand-idly made this happen for his Birth village …MIJWAN .. He faced many obstacles..but did not give up. it finally happened….The Kaifiyat Express has become the LINK between Mijwan and the rest of the world.It opened the doors for this tiny village that was isolated from the major cities.. This train symbolizes PROGRESS and HOPE ! It was an emotional moment ! Shabana sobbed when the crowd welcomed her …THANKED her father . i was also moved to tears. What a wonderful way to leave behind a legacy….everyday people ,who travel on this train say ..THANK YOU to her famous dad.

We reached Mijwan the next morning. The train was late by 2 hours. We were welcomed by a large crowd in Mijwan..with an outpouring of the form of many many garlands.. that I was buried under. My Visit to the Society …

I could not recognize it … it has been over 3 yrs. Every thing has changed !. In my last visit .. i remembered a dilapidated building with girls sitting outside …on a mat ..stitching. The rooms , I recall were dark and dingy. What I saw today…was DIFFERENT…very impressive. There was an impressive building with a sign ..written in Hindi. It was very strange but , at the same time very endearing…… to read Home Of Hope in Hindi. there were 4 rooms in this building ..which was a hub of ACTIVITY !

The rooms were cheery and very well lighted. There was a tailoring center..and embroidery center .. and then…. the PRODUCTION CENTER !. My heart swelled with pride…..and I know everyone else from HOH would have felt the same way. Special thanks to the dynamic Mijwan team…..headed by Nalini and Vikram. I was very moved to see the girls diligently working on their First order ( Thank You Vikram). I saw a difference in the girls… there seemed to be a visible difference from 3 yrs ago. There was a SPARK in them… a certain confidence in them. I spoke to allot of the girls. Some of them spoke about a brighter future… They wanted to stand on their own feet..and be independent…. HOh has defintely made a mark in this tiny village… we are headed in the right direction.

I met with the entire team…Amrita das Gupta..Sanjokta etc etc… who all seem very motivated and dedicated. There is a certain personal pride and ownership within each one in this team.

Shabana Azmi was like an excited child…showing me their work. Every body simple loves her..and she loves them in return. It is incredible to watch this International icon..become like an excited village girl ! I spent most of the day in the center..talking to all the girls.Thier energy and enthusiasm was infectious. I saw all their work. I have to admit….Mijwan village is a hot bed of incredible talent. …which has been uplifted… thanks to HOH.

In fact as i left the center… all the girls shouted in unison along with Shabana Azmi and their words were…. THANK YOU HOME OF HOPE !

HOH goes to remote village in India called help little kids like this.

HOH goes to remote village in India called help little kids like this.

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